Traditional dentures are held in place using suction created by placing them in your mouth. When you come to Metropolitan Dental Group in Winnipeg for full and partial denture options, we’ll first discuss the removal of any remaining teeth that will obstruct your dentures. After extraction and healing, we’ll take an impression of your mouth that will be used to build your new dentures! A final fitting appointment will be necessary, and we’ll use that time to adjust the fit of your dentures so that they’re perfect for you. Partial dentures are for patients who have lost several teeth but still have a considerable amount of healthy ones remaining. They are held in place by metal clasps that fit around your healthy teeth and are constructed of a mix of dental composite plastics and metal framing. The procedure for getting a pair of these dentures is similar to a full mouth set and involves impressions and a bit of a wait for your new set to be constructed.

Denture Options

Our doctors will work with you to determine the type of denture that is best for you. We offer variety of denture options and can even repair worn or damaged dentures. Here are the options that your dentist may recommend.


Partial dentures can be used to replace multiple teeth in the lower, upper or both arches. These are often referred to as partials and are often used when nearby teeth are not strong enough to hold a bridge.


Full dentures will replace all of your teeth in the upper and/or lower arches and are kept in place with natural denture adhesives. Our doctors work hard to ensure a great look and comfortable fit.


An Implant-Retained Denture is used when there are no remaining teeth in the jaw. Providing that the patient has enough bone structure in the jaw, a dental implant is used to anchor the new denture into place.


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